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What happens when someone is arrested and placed in the Glendale Jail? How do you have them released? What are your options? Burbank-Glendale Bail Bonds at the Glendale Jail will help provide you with the answers. When you contact Burbank-Glendale we take the time to understand your unique situation and educate you, in simple terms, about the bail bond process. Our bail bond offices are fully computerized and connected to the jail systems so we can start the filing process immediately, while we are on the phone with you. Your bail bond agent will meet you at the Glendale jail to keep the process moving quickly.

What is a Bail Bond?

Answer: A Bail Bond is a personal guarantee to the Court that a Defendant will appear in Court at a set date and time. The bail bond does not release the defendant from pending court obligations.

Burbank-Glendale Bail Bond Agents are experienced, well trained, licensed bail bond professionals that you can count on to guide you through this process.

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